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As a writer, I create my own words. 
As an editor, I help others create theirs.

Where I am


I’m a UXD Content Strategist

at Red Hat, a global software company. 

I also write, edit, and tell lots of stories. 

Where I'm going

I’m on a mission to make

the world more human and connected

one word at a time.

"She is one of the few people I've worked with who is 100% focused on acting, sounding, and being professional at all times. Abigael also has an incredible work ethic. She works in a clear, focused, and dedicated manner from beginning to end."

Sean Prentiss, Professor & Author

"She can take one of my scripts and not just point out all my Oxford comma failings, but also make fantastic suggested improvements that all around make for a better piece of content."

Crystal KIng, Content Creator & Author

"She was constantly juggling about a million pieces of content and keeping everything on track, but she was always available to answer any questions I might have, and she did an amazing job of communicating expectations, deadlines, and updates to the process in a timely manner."

Lauren Tellman, Freelance Editor