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Red Hat UXD Written Style Guide
Oct 2019 – Dec 2019

I created Red Hat's first UXD Written Style Guide, which currently serves as a resource to help UXD content creators maintain consistency and brand alignment across all content channels. The style guide defines the UXD brand's style, voice, and tone, and it includes writing tips, best practices, and general writing guidelines. 

To introduce the style guide to the larger UXD team, I delivered in-person trainings across various Red Hat offices. 

Writing Skills Matrix
Jul 2018 – Dec 2018

To give HubSpot Academy content creators more actionable, personalized feedback—both qualitative and quantitative—I created the Writing Skills Matrix. This matrix is a scoring system that defines major areas of writing, the skills in each area, and how the editor and content creator can work together in addressing these skills in their writing. This form of specific, actionable, and metric-based writing feedback led to a higher content quality and less time needed for editing.   

HubSpot User Blog Revamp

February 2019–July 2019

HubSpot's User Blog began as an under-resourced, under-performing blog. But our readers deserved more. So I got to work transforming it into a diverse, multi-faceted educational and enablement channel for HubSpot users. This involved:  

- Researching our readers and providing the right content to them. 

- Hiring freelance editors to work on customer stories.

- Sourcing volunteer editors to work on internal articles. 

- Sourcing writers with diverse skills and various perspectives to regularly contribute articles. 

- Building a reporting framework from scratch to measure the blog's role in influenced tool usage (enablement) and HubSpot Academy content engagement (education). 

The end result? More views, more subscribers, higher email marketing metrics, higher product usage, and more HubSpot Academy users—all because of the User Blog.

Scalable Editorial Process for HubSpot Academy

January 2019 – September 2019

As HubSpot Academy's content creation team grew, our editorial resources needed to keep up. After being promoted from Content Editor to Content Manager, I established a team of freelance editors and a freelance designer to handle content editing and design. This way, the team continued to create content at a fast pace without sacrificing quality or brand authenticity. I also established additional resources and processes to define and maintain content quality standards across internal and external content creators. 

Knowledge Base Content Audit
Dec 2017 – Apr 2018

I worked with other technical writers and product managers to conduct a content audit. By doing this audit, we improved the user experience of our knowledge base by revamping content organization and streamlining technical documentation.