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e-Learning Content

Building a content creation framework

This is a free online lesson I created with HubSpot Academy about building a framework for efficient, effective, and quality content. It consists of a script, deck, and series of videos.


This lesson helped bring Academy's popular Content Marketing Certification course up to date.

Blog Articles

The HubSpot Customer Code:

10 Tips for Customer Service

and Relations

An article on the HubSpot User Blog about delivering effective and empathetic customer service. 

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3 Big Reasons

Software Companies

Need English Majors

A guest article I wrote for Dear English Major about the unique skills and abilities English majors bring to the world of tech.

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7 Ways to Get More

Out of Your CRM

An article on the HubSpot Sales Blog teaching salespeople how to make the most of their CRM—from organization to prospect connections.

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